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Making great projects is not something you do alone, hence the name U & Eye Media Productions. I enjoy working with others and I like sharing the creative process and inspiration. For example, making a documentary that is supplemented with an exhibition or a book.


I like to brainstorm and let the imagination flow and besides making documentaries, writing is a great passion of mine. In U & Eye Media Productions I am able to combine both.


I grew up in Limburg, the south of the Netherlands, and studied Film and Television Science at the University of Amsterdam. After that, I’ve also taken a course in Art History at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the city where I currently reside.


I have worked on numerous documentaries, from development and research to production and direction. In addition, I specialise in project financing and writing project plans.

Suzanne van Leendert

Besides writing project plans, especially for documentaries, I have also written two books in English and I work as an English interpreter and translator. Constantly working with language enables me to take a critical look at the content of a project and adjust it where necessary. I also conduct workshops; in creative writing, how to write project plans and how to procure financing for projects.


If you are looking for collaboration on your project, or if you are interested in one of my workshops, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!


Suzanne van Leendert


2020 - Winner Poetry Competition ‘Woordstroom’ in Zaventem, Belgium

Dutch Poem 'Wildgroei'

2018 - Winner ‘Parade of Poets’ in Eemnes, The Netherlands

Dutch Poem ‘Onderwatervloot’

2018 - Nomination ‘Golden Terebinth’

Documentary ‘Zielen van Utrecht’ (Souls of Utrecht)

2017 - Nomination Just Plain Folks Music Awards, United States

Concert registration ‘Troubadour’ from Barry Mc Cabe

2018 - Winner ‘Parade of Poets’ in Stichtse Vecht, The Netherlands

Dutch Poem ‘Onder Toeziend Oog’

2015 - DocFeed award for Best Dutch Documentary

Documentary ‘Broken Dreams’

2015 - Silver Award (Spotlight Documentary Film Awards) Atlanta, United States

Documentary ‘A touch of cruelty’ (directed by Frank van Osch). My share: development, financing and production.