Inspiration can be found everywhere: in art, nature, collaborations with others and the ordinary, everyday life. I have written two books of creative non-fiction (The Making of The Peace Within and Broken Dreams). Apart from that, I write poetry and have won several poetry competitions in the Netherlands and Belgium. I write in Dutch as well as English. My poems have been published in the Netherlands and Belgium, and also in the United States (a.o. in the San Pedro River Review, The Non Conformist Magazine, Songs of Eretz, Last Leaves and by Coin-Operated Press).


I am also part of a community called the Klimaatdichters (Poets for the Climate) who raise their voices to protect the planet. Two such poems were published by The Nonconformist Magazine (click on the title to view the poem):


Paradise or Better Yet

Plan of Attack



My poem ‘Let’s’ is included in the wonderful book: 3,651 YEARS LIVED: Global Poetry & Prose Reflecting the Pandemic.

We’ve gone through-and are still going through- a roller coaster of emotions which can all be found in this book: poems about loss, pain and sorrow but also love, joy and hope (click on the poem to enlarge).