Some last impressions from Vaasa

Some last impressions from Vaasa

Wonderful conversations, so many nice people that we met, so many fantastic films. What a great festival!

In the picture above: Filmmaker Viviana Uriona, festival director Ilias Missyris, Suzanne and Barry McCabe

And once again, a huge thank you to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Finland for supporting the trip.

Finland’s Statue of Liberty on the market square










A ‘devil’s field’, just outside Vaasa. It was believed that the devil himself had gathered stones for his farmlands.

A site where a meteorite hit many years ago, turned into farmland. Each autumn, cranes gather there (more than 50,000!) before flying back south.











‘Liberty’ from Belgian filmmaker Phil de Witte is a thriller that exposes the suffering of wild animals in captivity and it’s absolutely mindblowing, a must see!