Broken Dreams


Broken Dreams (a documentary and a book) is the remarkable life story of a unique airplane that was supposed to be used for a musical in the Netherlands. But everything turned out different than planned when a terrible accident took place.


This incident is used as a starting point for the plane herself to reflect upon her life and the part she played in history, as if she’s an old lady telling her story to her grandchildren. Will there still be a future for this plane or has her story come to an end…


The documentary won the 2015 Best Documentary Docfeed Award and was shown on various film festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, and broadcast on TV in the Netherlands and in the United States of America.


Broken Dreams – Director’s Statement

By turning the airplane into an old lady looking back at her life, I wanted to add a ‘female’ touch to a ‘male’ subject. Instead of attempting to furnish the viewer with lots of technical details about a DC-3, or try to trace the general history of these planes, I decided to follow the ‘life’ of this one particular plane and all the episodes it went through, all told in a personal manner when the plane reflects on her own life. The plane and the hours that it has flown are used as metaphors for a human life and life experience.




Broken Dreams consists of a documentary and an English book. The documentary was directed by Suzanne van Leendert (produced by Van Osch Films) and the book was written by Suzanne van Leendert and Barry Mc Cabe (published by Narwal Publishers).



The dvd and the book are available via the website 



Direction, production, research and financing: Suzanne van Leendert, Camera: Bart Nopper, Frank van Osch, Reg Gruson, Sound: Reg Gruson, Joris Geurts, Daan Jongbloed, Editing: Ozan Olçay, Broadcast by: Omroep Brabant, Omroep west, NPO Doc, OETA (USA), Produced by: Van Osch Films, Production year: 2015, Financers: Media Fund, Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, bkkc / Province of Noord-Brabant, Omroep Brabant, MPS



120 pages, 21 x 28 cm, hard-cover, full color, Written by: Suzanne van Leendert & Barry Mc Cabe, Published by: Narwal Publishers (in collaboration witth U & Eye Media Productions)




Book, Documentary, DVD