Traces of the future



‘Traces of the Future’ has been selected for the Limburg Film Festival in the Netherlands from 1 to 4 June in Venlo and for the Festival del Cinema Cefalu in Palermo, Italy in September.

Besides that, the documentary is shown on Dutch TV (RTV Utrecht) on Tuesday 6 June and repeated on Sunday 11 June.



‘Traces of the Future’ is a documentary about Dutch photographer Herman van Doorn, who has been taking photos for over 40 years now. Herman specialised in architectural photography, but in recent years has concentrated more and more on expressing his own ideals through his photos.

One such undertaking is his work in Venice, where he is documenting traditional trades and workplaces, which are at risk of disappearing. Reasons include mass tourism and cheap ‘replicas’ of the traditional Venetian products.


photo: Herman van Doorn


Through his photos, Herman makes us question what we are busy with as individuals and as a society. The documentary is divided between his time in Venice and his time in Utrecht, the Netherlands.