Red Utopia


In 2016 I successfully set up a crowdfunding project for Jan Banning’s photo book Law & Order. For his latest photo book Red Utopia, Jan asked for my help again.


In the Red Utopia photo project, Jan looked at what remains of communism 100 years after the October Revolution. In doing so, he wanted to contribute to the debate on social policies and the growing gap between rich and poor; something that is becoming increasingly important.


The first project was funded quite quickly, but the Red Utopia project went even faster. Within five days we had the target amount of 7500 Euro and ended up with a total amount of 14,211 Euro, a whopping 189% of the target amount! There were some very nice ‘rewards’; the photo book of course but also a workshop or a photo session with Jan.


The book presentation took place on 14 October 2017 in the Odeon Theater in Zwolle and from that date, the Red Utopia exhibition could be seen in Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle.

Crowdfunding photo book