Souls of Utrecht

The song ‘The day they lowered you down’ was especially written for the documentary Souls of Utrecht (original title: Zielen van Utrecht). The clip shows images from the documentary.

Souls of Utrecht (Zielen van Utrecht) – Dutch documentary


The municipal cemeteries in Utrecht are oases of rest where the dead are being laid to rest in the Utrecht soil or in special vaults. They are also places to walk around, to ponder about life and death and to unwind among the beautiful trees that act as green lungs for the city.


Tanja Medema, team leader of the Utrecht Cemeteries, is confronted with fewer visitors and more empty places in the cemeteries due to the popularity of cremation and is searching for ways to turn things around. Souls of Utrecht offers an exclusive behind-the scenes, a chance to step out of the hectic life and and reflect upon death.











The documentary was shown as a three part series on Dutch television (RTV Utrecht) and in various location in the province of Utrecht, in the Netherlands. The documentary was nominated for the Golden Terebinth by Terebinth (the Dutch funenary heritage association).










Direction: Suzanne van Leendert

Camera: Ernst Herstel, Ralph de Lange, Daan Jongbloed, Suzanne van Leendert

Camera Drone recordings: Ralph de Lange, Ronald Oor

Sound: Eugène de Groot, Johan de Ligt

Editing: Gerard Cevaal

Production & research: Suzanne van Leendert

Mixing & Grading: Ralph de Lange

Music: Barry Mc Cabe & Ralph Schraven


Souls of Utrecht was made with the support of:
RTV Utrecht, the Municipality of U
trecht, Foundation Carel Nengerman Fund, Provincial Utrecht Society of Arts and Sciences (PUG), Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Utrecht, K.F. Hein Fund, Knighthood of Utrecht, Fentener van Vlissingen Fund SHV, Foundation Elise Mathilde Funds, Xpress Art Foundation, funeral businesses PCB Uitvaartzorg and Barbara Uitvaartverzorging

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